Federal Programs - Title IX

Title IX Staff


    • Dr. Rachelle Jennings, Title IX Decision Maker
    • Kyle Starnes, Title IX Coordinator
    • Rodney Howe, Title IX Investigator
    • Rachael Johnson, Title IX Investigator

To file a Title IX report, contact Kyle Starnes at kylestarnes@jebc5.k12.mo.us or 417-532-4837.

Reporting Requirements and Procedures

Reporting Requirements

Any person may report sexual harassment regardless of whether the person is the alleged victim (complainant).

  • However, all Board members, employees, students, and visitors who have witnessed, heard about, or received a report about any incident or behavior that could constitute sexual harassment under this policy must immediately report such incident or behavior to the District’s Title IX Coordinator for investigation.
  • If the allegations are against the District’s Title IX Coordinator, it must be immediately reported to the Superintendent, unless the Superintendent is also the Title IX Coordinator, then to the President of the Board of Education.
  • Reports may be made at any time, including during nonbusiness hours, by using the telephone number, email address or office address listed below.

Formal Complaint Process

  • The complainant may file a formal complaint or choose not to file a formal complaint and simply receive the supportive measures.
  • If the complainant does not file a formal complaint, the Title IX coordinator may sign a formal complaint initiating the grievance process.
  • The Title IX coordinator will do so only if initiating the grievance process against the respondent is not clearly unreasonable in light of the known circumstances.

For additional information on Joel E Barber’s Title IX training as well as the process involved with a Title IX complaint and investigation, view the New Title IX Requirements and Procedure C-131 from EdCounsel School Attorneys.