Early Childhood Screenings

Joel E. Barber has taken great strides to offer our students a variety of technologies to use throughout the day. Our school is one-to-one with Chromebooks, meaning every student (grades K through 8) has access to a Chromebook in their classroom. We also offer access to equipment such as GPS units, 3D printers, interactive displays and more through our STEM programs and computer classes.

Each student will be required to pay $10 per year for their technology fee (maximum $30 per family per year).

With the increased access to technology comes increased responsibility on our students to use these items with care and respect. Students are taught the appropriate use and care of the technology they are given, as well as taught the importance of proper digital citizenship and online safety. For additional information on the JEB technology policies, please view “Technology Procedures” beginning on page 35 of our student handbook.

We urge parents to also have these conversations at home about the importance of properly caring for technology. Sometimes a student’s device may become damaged and while we do our best to not cause unnecessary financial burdens on our families, unfortunately some circumstances do require a family to cover the costs associated with the repair or replacement of damaged technology. Below is a list of the most common repairs and the associated costs.